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Digital HDMI RF Modulator

High performance Digital HDMI to DVB-T TV(TDT) Modulator
Host CPU: 200MHz 32Bits RISC Security Processor : 200MHz 32 Bits Audio Processor: 200MHZ 32Bits
Memory: RAM 512Mb DDRII, Flash 32Mb
Frontal panel: Display 128x32 dots OLED Display (IIC or SPI communication protocol)
LED: Power & work state LED POWER/LOCKED/SIGNAL Indicator
Tact switch X6(UP/DOWNI/LEFT/RIGHT, MENU/OK, LOCK) Set Output channel/FEC/CONSTELLATION/FFT/Channel Name etc.
USB2.0 Play Port(MP3, JPEG, SW updates)
Video Encoder: ISO/IEC 11172-2 MPEG1, ISO/IEC 1381 B-2 MPEG2 MP@HL, ISO/IEC 14496 MPEG4 compliant Support SP@L3 to ASP@LS ISO/IEC 14496-10AVC, HP@level 4 .1, MP@level 4 .1, H.264 profile0, JPEG base-line progressive"
Audio Encoder: MPEGI layer1/2, MPEGII Layer II, AAC LC, HE-AAC V1/V2 (2-CH)
Aspect Rate: 16:9 wide screen, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 panscan, support AFD(DTG, MingDTG)
Resolution: 1080i, up to 1080p@30FPS
Output frequency range: 174-233 MHZ(VHF Ill), 470-858 MHz(UHF), 75 Ohmios
Output impedance: 75 Ohmios
RF Output Level: Default: 86 dBμV, Ajustable: 0 to -14 dB, 0 to + 6 dB
Band Wide: 7 MHZ(VHF), 8 MHZ(UHF)
FFT: 2K, 8K
Reed Solomon: 202, 188, T=8
Symbol rate range: up to 31.668 MBPS
MER: More than 35dB at Maximum RF Level output
RF Input: (LOOP to Output) lmpedence: 75 Ohm Input type: F-type female
RF Output: lmpedence: 75 Ohm Output type: F-type female
USB Conector(software upgrade): Number: 1 Type: Host 2.0
LTE(Long Term Evolution): Filtering switch "ON/OFF Cut Off Frequency: 790 MHz"
HDMI Input: High Definition Media Input Interface HDMI V1.4a, HDCP1.4
Power DC Input Connector: DC 12V,1A
Power supply unit type: Adapter lnput 100~240V AC, Output: DC 12V/1A
Power consumption in normal working mode less 10W
Dimensions: 164(W) X 104(D) X 41(H) mm
Mechanical Design: Material and structure Metal cabinet and 2 layers PCB structure with enough heat radiation holes on cabinet